The fastest, easiest way to create and share beautiful slideshows on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

 Build Amazing Slideshows

Showcase your photography on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Static images are brought to life with caption overlays, animated Ken Burns (pan & zoom) effects, slide transitions and background music. Built-in face detection makes the most of the small screen whilst passcode protection keeps your slideshows safe & secure.


Sync & Share With iCloud

Slideshow Builder uses Apple's iCloud to optionally sync your slideshows across your iOS devices. When you're ready to share your slideshow with friends and family, simply tap to share, and get back a link to it in iCloud to send to them. No more multi-megabyte emails.

 Face Detection Gets Useful

We've found something genuinely useful to do with Face Detection. With the In-Shot Face Animation, faces in your slides will automatically stay on-screen during an animated slideshow. You can also choose the Jump Face Animation to ensure everyone gets their moment in the limelight.


Get Your Groove On

Great slideshows need great music. Slideshow Builder allows you to select any of the non-DRM tracks from your iPod library to use in slideshows. You can even choose to fit the slideshow duration to the playlist length. Slideshows shared with friends and family will also keep their music.

Perfect Pan & Zoom

Photos are given amazing emotional depth with the Ken Burns effect. Pioneered in film documentaries, Slideshow Builder brings this to your iOS devices. Select from 4 different levels of random effect. You can also create custom start and end zoom positions for total control.

Options Galore

If you want choice, you've got it. Slideshow Builder lets you tweak to your heart's content: from slide duration, to the level of Ken Burns Effect, to the specific Face Animation. Settings can be changed at the slideshow-level for all default slides or can be fine-tuned by choosing custom settings for individual slides.


v2.1    Universal   iOS5+  $1.99